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Monday, March 30th, 2009
4:24 pm - im alive im alive!!
oh wow so i fell off the face of the earth. OOPS!
I just haven't really felt motivated to keep any kind of journal. But I feel bad for some reason, not updating... ha weird.

In case you all didn't realize from facebook, I had the amazing opportunity to go on a mission trip to Ghana, Africa! It was probably the coolest thing I will ever get to do! I won't spam up your pages with pictures so if you want to see some, (WHO WOULDN'T) you can look on facebook.

The people there are sooooo friendly. If we knocked on someone's door to talk to them they would invite us in mid-sentence so we wouldn't be standing at their door. Hard to even imagine something like that happening around here. Also everything was so beautiful. Trees, flowers, ocean, colorful houses, red dirt roads. I took a lot of pictures just of scenery because I just couldn't stop myself! It was such a great break from the fast paced life of most people in America. No tv or internet or video games, or anything distracting. We were happy enough to walk around in the hot sun just praying or singing or reading. And people would just randomly start conversations with us! Soooooo crazy!

Sadly I missed the break to see people from Madison who were also on break :( But come on, how could I pass an opportunity like this! Although this wasn't much of a break and now I am wishing I had an actually week of doing nothing, I LOVED IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH I want to go back a week of every month! (If only) Anyone want to go with me sometime?

It was so surreal to live a week in a completely different world than UW-Milwaukee. BUT when we came back it was even crazier! That first day back I went to school and was a zombie haha

Otherwise in life, bah. I have been looking for a job since February and I don't plan on going back to lifeguarding this summer. I have found several great opportunities, none which have worked out. It's frustrating, and I don't even know where to turn next if the job I'm currently waiting on doesn't work out. BAH.

On another note, I want summer. NOW. Especially after coming back from weather in the 90's... snow is sad. Not that I wasn't expecting the snow though, of COURSE I expected snow in March. Whoever didn't was forgetting that they are in Wisconsin!

AND I will be back again someday... maybe in a few months, maybe tomorrow, but man who knows when motivation to write in here will come again haha


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Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
10:07 pm

i was about 98% sure this would happen anyways but now it is official (well projected but still more official and still growing) and i am so amazingly excited! i feel so passionate about being an american right now! i voted and it mattered YES!

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Monday, November 3rd, 2008
7:18 pm
even though its been a while i dont have much to say

i need a job. a high paying job. it is hard to find that when all i have is five years of lifeguarding experience. i dont know how im going to pay for college next year if i don't lifeguard again but i wont be able to do it because i have no where to keep a car at my apartment but where else will i find a job that i will be paid 12/hr! i cant afford a regular job. i want to find something that i can see myself sticking with for a while. not something like making subs or selling pants.

i miss performing. due to the above mentioned problem, i dont have time to be in a show because i need a job to fill that time i currently have available. but i need the resume building to have jobs after school and its just a terrible circle!

in better news the election is tomorrow!! im excited but not looking forward to who knows what kind of lines bah! ill probably be late to class due to the lines. oh well. ive seen so many obama things all over campus it gets me excited! i dont even think i will sleep tomorrow night because well be watching election news all night! and fighting about it ha! really, i want this all to be over with because its all you hear about and considering ive been listening since before the primaries ive heard enough of other peoples opinions and have formed my own!

hm i guess i had more to say than i thought. but still not a lot. not for being two months away anyway. oops haha

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
10:33 pm - im not dead
oh my how long it has been.

WELL drake and i have a home. an apartment. good location and its in a really nice building. we move in at the latest sep 1 but hopefully a few days earlier! im excited to have a home of my own yay! although packing is a butt. it takes forever and i have a billion boxes and there is soooo much to move. but its alright i dont mind that much i just cant wait to be done and have everything in! im excited for my classes too. they all look pretty fun even though the schedule kind of sucks because i got last pick but this year im not last so it will work out better 2nd sem im sure!

what really motivated me to write in here was tonights democratic convention. it was so awesome. hillary clinton probably gave the best speech i have ever seen her give! her job was to unite the party and i think she totally did it! where was this side of hillary during the primary? i think she would have had a much better chance of taking it if she had spoken in the way she did tonight. i love how all the speakers totally attacked mccain and showed all the democrats how much he sucks and that even if they wanted hillary, there is no reason to vote for him just because they are bitter. like that one girl who was in his ad; she didnt even know where he stood on the issues and just supported him out of bitterness! ridiculous!!! i am so excited because michelle was amazing, hillary was amazing, biden is gonna be amazing and that can only mean obamas speech will be SUPPPPER amazing! wooooo

in other news, i hope its really nice tomorrow cuz im planning on being at the beach and actually relaxing for a while! ive been fighting off sickness so i hope this helps. oh yeah im done with work now! i thought we would be moving in earlier so i had my last day be sunday... that didnt really happen but oh well...

im gonna go watch the office now. im so excited for the new season ahhhhh

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
8:09 pm - roommates
hate them. i hate finding them. i hate them saying they are excited. i hate them leaving me the day before we apply for a house. i dont know how many times this has happened because if i tried counting i would just probably kill myself. i guess god doesnt want drake and i to have a roommate. i dont understand why. every time another roommate leaves us i ask why. why does this keep happening. you want us to live alone? why? whats the difference? WE WANT A ROOMMATE. it is ridiculous. i was about to have a home. i almost had a HOME. but no. again, they change their mind. i cant handle it. this is me breaking down. i only have one option left and that is to move in with my old roommate and her friend. they dont know if the guy has a rooming house license. (whether more than 3 can live there) if he doesnt, we would be lying and saying drake doesnt live there even though he will be. it may come down to that. i am desperate. it is more expensive than we wanted but i dont even care anymore. im through being reasonable. i even prayed with the group last night to PLEASE HAVE A HOME. but NO. god wants me to have no home. awesome. thanks. if this last option to live with my old roommate doesnt work, i have nothing left. this is my last hope. i would ask for you all to pray but it seems that just made it worse.

(p.s. if you cant tell im extremely bitter and upset and of course prayer helps im just too sick of doing it and getting worse off in return)

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Monday, May 5th, 2008
3:57 pm
hmhmhm so schools almost out. this provides quite the prediciment. (sp?) im excited that school is basically over and i only have two exams and they wont be hard. im also excited to be outside in summer and even a little excited for work... (that silly feeling comes at the beginning of every year but i quickly come to my senses) the problem with summer, however, is i need a place to live. my mom now lives in whitefish bay which is not the most convenient to see all the franklin kids all summer. my dad still lives in franklin, but i do not want to live there. i cant even go into detail about how unwelcome i feel in my own house. linda, the new addition to the house, seems to be much more important to him than i am. i am in inconvenience and not civil enough to her in his words. because i dont start conversations with this strange woman in my house i guess that means im mean to her. saying hi isnt enough. its not like he helps me out with living at all. i buy my own food because he assumes i only need $20 every month or so to survive. im really hoping something is going to work out right now because i have one more plan and if it doesnt work, i dont know what im going to do. i may end up staying with my mom most of the summer and wasting gas driving back towards franklin for work and friends every day.

so ive also been looking for housing for fall and its tough. we want two rooms, but we need someone for the other room. there are a couple potentials, but i feel weary to rent a two bedroom and then not be able to find another person for that bedroom! ugggggghhhhh i hate living in houses. lets all live in the mud.

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008
5:51 pm
sooooooooo lets see. what have i been up to? who knows. lots of random stuff. i talked to my advisor waaaaaay in advance to get my classes lined up but since im a sophomore i pick last... UGH. i decided to check in on my potential classes and... HALF OF THEM ARE ALREADY FULL. i am SO mad seriously. barely anyone has had the chance to pick classes yet and they are already closed and weaoitnglgnkaerht o8aweu tinbkj erahot1!!!!!!!!!! SO... now i made another meeting with my advisor to figure things out. i plan on emailing a few professors and begging them to let one more in... i really hope that works. UGH.

other than that ANNOYING recent discovery, i guess my current classes are going ok. not like i have anything extremely hard... but there are a couple papers coming up because of the stupid end of the semester. boooooooo. i have that play analysis one with a play i have to choose... i sort of want something new i think because old plays use lingo that isnt really... uh... HIP to this generation. its just harder to get through a shakespeare play (and other similar) because of that crazy language! and there is a paper i have to write about a participatory theatre and present STUUUUUPID. theres really no point in it so i doubt ill write it until the day before its due because im so unmotivated. and i have a small geology thing to write which isnt really a paper but sort of like one. and my theatre tech is pretty much the same as always. sometimes boring because there isnt much to build or set up, but sometimes tiring because there is a lot of crap to do. if there was ever a question in my mind of whether or not i wanted to be a backstage person, its gone now. i dont like it. its not exciting to me. i want this class to be over. buh.

OH i have actual nice exciting news! well not a big deal but still fun to me. i got a part in a movie i auditioned for! its a VERY small part. (i dont even think i have a real name) and its just a little film festival movie. but STILL. the director seems really fun and im just looking for some new experience and having a good time! plus i havent been in anything in so long because schooool and worrk in summer and wahwahwah. so i think this small part (which they dont start filming until next winter) will be great timing and not take a LOT of time! YAY!

there was a housing fair today and its hard to find what i want! drake and i would like to share with one or two other people so we could have maybe a two bedroom but more than two paying rent so its cheaper! we dont want to live alone because thats no fun we want people to play with! it has to be semiclose to campus but i want to be kind of close to the lake too and not far from downtown. i want somewhere in the middle! (haaaaaaard to find) i want heat included (because i get cold) and the big thing is i want a place that allows dogs. most people like cats but not as many like dogs. i havent searched on foot yet, just mostly online and everyone is renting for frickin SUMMER! there are only a couple for fall but im hoping as soon as may starts that will change.

wow. i made a real update. wooo!

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Tuesday, April 8th, 2008
8:07 am
so sorry to disappoint you... but this will not be a real post. ha. actually i need to write a big paper for my play analysis class that... WOW analyzes a play! crazy! but we get to pick any play we want. ANYTHING that has been published. obviously that is a friggin lot to choose from and i need help! anyone have suggestions? we cant do any that we have read in class which include hamlet, the tempest, oedipus, a doll house... and some other ones most people probably dont know. im looking for something really complicated so its easy to write 10 pages about it! something like hamlet... well maybe a little simpler... i dont need to write 100!

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Wednesday, March 12th, 2008
11:24 pm - lalala
soooo lots of schtuff goings on. school blech. im glad we get a break soon cuz im sick of it. well, only my one nontheatre class is what im sick of actually, but still! break is sad because my wisdom teeth come out monday. :( i was hoping to just get it over with and enjoy the rest of break (this is assuming im not in complete pain for a week like most people i know whove had their wisdom teeth out... ugh) OH WELL ill eat lots of pudding and my mommy will take care of me and ill sleep a lot which is what i would do anyway! got super smash bros brawl for wii and its awesome. the scenery is so cool and the graphics are crazy! i love how marios overalls look so real! i want to touch them. OH YEAH i had a birthday ahhahaa. i got moneys and clothes and mario party 8 weeee! also my brother is letting me borrow zelda twilight princess and its so great lovvvve it so far. i guess this has been i really gammery(gammery?) passed few days!

ummmmmmmm currently looking for apartments or houses or whatever for fall. but everyone is subleting for summer UGH annyoing. i just want to find a home and know i have it!

OH YEAH i found this audtion for some weird movie thing. its like a fantasy adventure (meaning weird japanese names and magical storyline lol) if im a main role i would make lots of money and if a supporting role just a little money and if an extra food! haha the movie has a million parts so i figure why not i might get one of them! its not shooting until next winter so its perfect! i will be living down here and everything so no hassle! yay! i think it would be a fun experience but i dont know much about that kind of fantasy world stuff so i hope i dont look stupid if they ask me about something! (so kathryn how do you feel you best represent a crystal medium? uhhhhh...?!) hopefully there are no quizzes hah

its pretty late. i should be sleeping. i wish it was friday night so i could enjoy my two normal days of break before being in pain! COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNn!!!!!

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Wednesday, March 5th, 2008
12:29 am - damn you hillary clinton!

tonight was not really a win. the reason i am so mad is because the media will portray it as one! she one 3 of four states, yes, BUT the delegates are what count and the media will most likely make no mention of that. at least not in headlines... she basically got squat from this! buhhhhhhhhhh and i hate to hear her speak. and love to hear obama speak. and he made a good new point tonight which was awesome. and she again just copied his little chant of yes we can making hers yes we will. ugh. so annoying.

just go break your legs or something hillary. stop campaigning. the world will hate you. you were in texas forever and still barely have an edge. you are negative. and evil. and arrrrrogant. stop saying how awesome you are for winning a state after losing 11 straight! UGH. my frustration shall never end. my hope for her to leave early is crushed. she will not go away until the end. why stay as an annoyance? GO AWAY BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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Friday, February 8th, 2008
12:51 am - so amazing
so tonight michael redd came and spoke at cru. This was no normal cru. this was AMAZING. they talked about their glue program which helps out youth by keeping them connected. he brought several others with him, many close friends including ministers. all of them talked about staying connected to god and how that will connect you with others close to god.Michael and his wife spoke on purity and trying to stay on the right path during a relationship and just college in general. They were so real and confessed some terrible things about their past to us and it was just so ... i cant think of other words other than amazing! The energy in the room was crazy it was just so powerful and you could feel that something was really happening in that room. So many people got up during this whole prayer thing while everyones eyes were closed (well i couldnt see but i could hear many voices mumbling up there) and heads bowed down and they could just get whatever they needed lifted off their chests. Then everyone started to sing on their own (i dont remember which song) but it was just the whole room singing and praying and doing whatever they needed to do and oh man CRAZY AWESOME! im on fire right now.

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
11:32 am - GO OBAMA
YES. yesterday was definetely a victory for him! the underdog shall prevail!

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Sunday, January 20th, 2008
4:10 pm - im back
well, im all moved in back on campus. it feels weird because its kind of like last year but im not at the same dorms. things are slightly different. there are only seven floors! and im on the top! the cafeteria is smaller with no fountain drink area which means no free water?! WTF?! so stupid. the fitness rooms and convenience store are still not complete. which sucks. we have no tv or fridge yet because my roomate couldnt move them today so we wont have them until the end of the week. ugh. im pretty sure they wont give us toilet paper like they do at sandburg. we already had a slight problem. the cafeteria is closed a couple hours a day (sandburgs never is) and after all this i really have to wonder... WHY am i paying so much more for this crap than sandburg? sure its all new and the desks and side tables and bathrooms are nice and all... but really this is not worth what theyre asking as far as i can see. ugh. i guess the good thing is my roomate and i get along very well even though we are totally different and drakes just one floor up and we can control the temp of the room which we will keep WARM!

well anyways. mostly the room looks ok but we still have a lot to do. i still have to put all my pictures up and we need to get a rug thing. shes also getting little cube things to make a corner look less bare! haha actually i should probably get to that picture putting up stuff... but im just so tired. yesterday and today were early days accompanied by lots of packing and moving and buh! i want to sleep but i should really just get this done with... and yet here i am... doing neither of those things! at least i can always look at my framed giraffe picture to keep me smilin :)

im hungry

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Monday, January 7th, 2008
12:59 pm - oops
looks like i fell off the planet and died. this is just to prove i didnt. haha sooooo oooopsies on the nothing for over a month thing... but its break and who has time to just sit and write stuff? ive been busy out playing and working and stuff!

many things have happened since last YEAR ahhhh 2008 crazy! exams went well. i am very very happy with my grades this past semester. two Bs and the rest As. very exciting considering my last semester was not so great. (due to slacking probably, not stupidity... which is the worser of the two if you ask me!) ummmm christmas was good. i got some fun stuff. ill just make a list of whatever i can remember off the top of my head:
`wii stuff - wario ware smooth moves, paper mario, cookin mama!, another remote, a pink cover for my remote!, a bag to carry all the wii stuff
`movies - dumbo(i asked for any old whitecase vhs disney movies that could be found), hot fuzz
`cookbooks! and some pots!
`some clothes and a headband john got me(moms bf) from alaska made from muskox so its warm and soft and its what the eskimos wear so its awesommeeee
`i dont know what its called but a thing that is the size of a phone that records video and can be connected to your computer and whatnot
`tickets to see the lion king and spamalot!!!

thats all i can think of at the moment. oh yeah and some books. ha. lets see ive been working over break a little. it kind of sucks because its a boring repetitious job of entering people into a computer but hey, at least its easy i guess. and i might be looking for a job on campus this coming sem. uggggh not looking forward to that but we'll see what happens.

so after christmas was TCX!!!!! sooooo awesome. i didnt expect 1400 people yikes! the drive there was torture due to the snow it took 3 hours longer than it should have awopniawreouith!! but its ok we got there safely. i met so many new people and grew a lot closer to people i had already known. the seminars were really informative (except one i went to buh) and the worship was amazing. especially for new years! that was probably the best way to ring in the new year! oh man and the speakers! soooo good! rick james was hilarious. and candice had hilarious stories about her niece hahha the only bad thing about those days was the no food places open at night thing. so weird. and so annoying. but its alright i lived through it... barely! ha oh and we went swimming yay! and hot tub. and sauna!! it was a little stuffy and hard to breath but still, at least now i can say ive been in one!

well i think thats about all the rambling i can handle for now. probably all you can handle as well. AH i just remembered i have some laundry goin downstairs and the washer must have finished lonnnnng ago! so bye! im gonna go read one of my cookbooks and finish up that laundry!

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Saturday, December 1st, 2007
12:25 am - thank god tonight
tonight i was at drakes house and about to leave. for some reason after i went outside, i went back in. i decided to stay for a little while longer. we were watching tv and i heard some sirens outside. after a bit i left. i started to come up on the intersection of 76th and drexel and there were several ambulances and police cars. usually when i see accidents i wonder if it could have been me. this time i realized it really could have been. if i would have left the first time, i would have been there, and then those sirens would have been coming for me.

whats even scarier is when i was going to leave the first time i was starting to send a text message to drake that said "incase i get into a car accident on the way home, i love you" but i didnt finish it because i went back inside.

i cannot stop thinking of how amazing this was. god truely was watching me tonight. i didnt know why i didnt leave that first time. i had no explanation. now i do.

thank you god.

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Sunday, October 28th, 2007
12:32 pm
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Wednesday, October 24th, 2007
11:02 pm - sad day today
i hit 100000 miles on my car. so sad. :( i can just feel the life of lou drifting away now... i hope he holds on for a while though because man i canNOT be buyin me a car anytime soon! boo money.

on a happier note im so excited for this weekend! halloween! weeeeee! this week actually went really fast. thursday tomorrow (friday for me) which means cru (yay) and then an awesome weekend! harvest party on friday with pumpkins, chilli, smores, games, glow in the dark ultimate frisbee!!, and lots of fun with everyone! only 5 bucks, too! and THEN saturday is the cru costume party which will be funnnnnnnnnnnn toooooooo!

hurry up winter break school is poopy. well, i enjoy my classes a lot but the commuting is killin me its soooooooo annoying i hate it i hate it i hate it!!!!! getting up extra early, having to ride a bus for 30 mins when i just want to be home right after class. but anyway classes are goin good i got a B on my first history exam! (which i studied my ass off for thank you very much) im so proud of myself because its so much memorizing which i suck at. and all my other classes are easy so why even mention them haha

if anyway likes colbert you should read his new book I am America (and so can you). its pretty amazing i lovvvvvved it. and if hillary wins over obama in the primary im pretty sure i will be writing colbert in because he would be the best option out of all thats left.

i want candy!

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Sunday, October 14th, 2007
10:29 pm - awesome weekend
WOW so this passed weekend was fall retreat with CRU AND IT WAS AWESOME!

im soooooooo exhausted and should be sleeping but im going to make a quick update before i forget to do this!

first of all there was so much worship, and i mean the SINGING KIND. it was so great i loved it i hope to get involved with the band next year if a singer leaves... haha and our speaker was so great he has so many stories to tell and i talked with him personally and he is just an awesome person. the seminars we went to were so helpful. i only wish i could have gone to more than just two! if only fall retreat could've be a week long! (stupid school) we played games and some people got hurt but turned out to be not too extreme. i met SO many new people im even more excited for our meetings thursdays now because i feel like i actually know most of the people there now. i only wish it would never end. but it did. im back to reality now. school and money and driving and nobody cooking my food. (gee i hope ill survive)

i must sleep now.
erica, i heard you also had an amazing time (despite the injury) im so glad! and amanda... tell me about YOUR amazing time!

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Thursday, September 20th, 2007
5:46 pm - politics
i have never been a very political person, but that is because i didn't even matter or have a vote! but now... i care. a lot. im not sure what any of your standpoints are (ie democratic/republican) but let me just say...

barack obama. seriously. i feel like he knows we need to change into a better country. how anyone could like clinton i have no clue. she wants our troops to stay in iraq?! they are dieing for NO REASON. i dont understand what she is thinking. i do, however understand obama in his idea of ending it. it did nothing, it accomplished nothing, people died for nothing. he wants a more peaceful world. what is so wrong with that?

feel free to comment or debate in a FRIENDLY manner! i dont want to lose friends over this lol

EDIT: "in before debate" so...? i dont see a problem with it?

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Thursday, September 13th, 2007
6:43 pm - life goes on lalala
so school is now going into full swing. i can tell next week i will feel stressed with homework already. i have some reading and assignments that are being put off due to... nothing at all. i just dont WANNAAAAA! haha thats not very good. i feel so tired. commuting sucks just as much as i thought it would. up extra early and a long ride home. blah. i cant wait until next semester. but classes are interesting. there arent any that i hate! history cuts it close... but i really am glad to relearn this information that i feel should be common knowledge when im an adult!

incase it wasnt wide known, i am helping out with the fall play at franklin. its part of a practicum so i am NOT joe evrard i am actually getting credits for it. im sort of an assisstant director along with another guy from uwm doing the same as i am but for stage crew more so than with actors. i am excited to help out and learn... maybe... from gould?... HA. well i do get to direct a couple of scenes which should be scary but fun. and i got to help cast which actually is much harder than you would think!

unfortunatly since i have to be at the rehearsals and they go until 830, i wont be able to go to campus crusades for christ which JUST started so boo. i will be able to go tonight though and hopefully i can go to a few more.

it is supposed to be FREEZING tomorrow ugggggggggggggggggh!!!!!!!

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